Should You Adopt The Paleo Diet?

There is no doubt in everyone’s mind that diet plays a major role in people’s fitness and health. In general, eating the right amount and kinds of food brings us good health, while failing to stick to a balanced diet results to health problems.
For instance, due to the world’s fast-paced changes, people are getting used to eating fast food items, which often results to obesity problems, cardiovascular diseases, and other ailments. On the contrary, many girls give in to the pressures of the entertainment and fashion industry by starving themselves just to be thin. Again, this leads to eating disorders and dangerous conditions.
So to help those who adopt improper and unhealthful diet practices, the fitness and health industry continues to develop different types of diet programs that fit the modern lifestyle. One of these programs that has been gaining popularity since it was introduced is called the Paleo diet.
What is the Paleo Diet?
Paleo diet is also known as Paleolithic or caveman diet, and as what its name implies, this scheme follows the eating habits of cavemen, or those men who lived 10,000 years ago. With this scheme, a person chooses to eat food items that our ancestors ate before the plow (and thus agriculture) was invented. In other words, this diet is rich in fish, vegetables, seafood, and fruits. But aside from adopting what the cavemen used to eat, a person following the paleo diet also adopts their activities.
Should You Adopt This Diet Scheme?
Many critics slam this diet scheme, claiming that what used to be healthy 10,000 years ago may not be applicable or impractical considering today’s mode of living. However, proponents of the paleo diet counter-argue that all food items included in this scheme is all-natural. In other words, this scheme encourages people to eat foods that come directly from the earth and grass-grazed animals. And since these foods contain no preservatives or are prepared without the use of artificial fertilizers, they are much healthier.
But supporters of the paleo diet added that this scheme is not effective if the person dieting focuses only on the food intake. This diet must be partnered with an exercise program (but not necessarily those which require some heart pumping regimens). Cavemen constantly move from one place to another so a person adhering to this diet must also take some time to walk or do exercises which may be equated to what the cavemen did thousands of years ago.
Bottom Line
Many diet plans have been introduced to the market lately. Some are good at first but later no longer effective. The dilemma now lies on the person who wants to attain good health and fitness. The diet plan should be chosen based on the lifestyle of the person taking the plan. And lastly, it is up to the attitude of the person if he will keep up with the guidelines of the diet. After all, you are what you eat.

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