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How Harmful Is Alcohol To Dogs and Cats?

It’s appalling, but some people actually enjoy giving their cat or dog alcohol and watching their reaction. As Fido or Fluffy staggers around in a semi-confused state, their humans get a good laugh. Not every pet owner realizes that alcohol is toxic to dogs and cats – and exposure to …

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Health Department

Pyorrhea and Its Effects

The Preliminary Effects Of Pyorrhea
Pyorrhea will begin its damage with milder symptoms but these are still signs that damage is being done. Whether or not the damage is reversible depends on how quickly you identify this condition and how quickly you take the proper action to stop it. Preliminary …

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Discounted Dental Plans – How to Easily Afford Dental Care

These days discounted dental plans have become the best option for those without dental insurance. When you are enrolled in a discounted plan just about all your dental care costs are tremendously reduced. These dental plans are sort of a membership club that you pay monthly (or yearly) in order …